Amazon’s 3D Smartphone Launch Event Announced

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Amazon stirred up speculation over its new 3D-enabled offering to the smartphone market on Wednesday with an event page, for a June 18th launch event, featuring a mysterious video(below) and a page banner seemingly containing a partial photograph of the new device(left).

Link to Video: Amazon 3D Smartphone Video Release

The video shows consumers very little about the details of Amazon’s new smartphone, though users seem to react with true, marketing-inspired enthusiasm to the motion control offered by the device. Previous details released about the device detail that this motion control is achieved through four front-mounted cameras that track various head movements using Okao facial detection and tracking software.

The 3D features of the phone are reportedly unique, with no need for the user to wear 3D glasses. However, the smartphone will likely have very limited 3D technologies out of the box, with the onus on 3rd-party developers to provide extra features. In fact, it seems very much like Amazon are pulling a Sony and are simply looking to get a next-gen smartphone, with an Amazon logo and Amazon e-commerce platforms inbuilt, into as many pockets as possible, possibly making a loss or merely breaking even on phone sales. Amazon may make their money here not on the actual device, but through secondary sales of software and digital content made possible through this new smartphone.

Whatever the plan from Amazon’s point of view, tech enthusiasts will be eagerly anticipating the details of Amazon’s new smartphone on June 18th.


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